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Stage A: Regular Schedule

Students can attend all classes in-person

Open House, Saturday, April 17

9 am - 12 noon

If you'd like more information about classes for the 2021 - 2022 school year or the summer semester, drop by the open house on April 17. The open house will be at 2582 Country Ledge Drive, New Braunfels.

Trinity Tutoring offers a wide range of classes and tutoring services:

2021-2022 Class Schedule

Click on a class name to see course descriptions.
Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8-9 Business Math

Business Math

9-10 Calculus Spanish 2 Calculus Spanish 2 5th/6th Grade Math
10-11 Economics & Government HS Writing Economics & Government HS Writing MS Writing
11-12 Pre-Algebra Computer Applications Pre-Algebra It's Alive Drafting & Design
12-1 Physical Science Physics Physical Science Physics Culinary Arts

1-2 Algebra 1 Pre-Calculus Algebra 1 Pre-Calculus
2-3 Biology Chemistry TTh Biology Chemistry TTh Tutoring
Time for
3-4 Geometry Algebra2 Geometry Algebra 2
4-5 Chemistry MW Anatomy Chemistry MW Anatomy
5-6 SAT Prep (Fall)
Art & Music History - Independent Study - Students work at their own pace.

Interested in Summer Geometry?

Geometry is a class that works well during the summer semester. Students meet for one hour a day, Monday - Thursday, during the months of June and July. They will finish the same curriculum that students finish during the regular school year. Summer Geometry allows a student to catch up or get ahead. If you are interested in Summer Geometry this year, please email me by May 1.

Registration for the 2021-2022 school year is open. Click the link below to open the registration form.

A $50 deposit is required for new students. The deposit will be applied to the first month's tuition. Do not mail the deposit until you recieve the class confirmation sheet.

  • Class Cost:

  • $75 per month per class
  • $65 per month for It's Alive, 5th/6th Grade Math, and MS Writing
  • $40 per month for Music History or Art History
  • Family discount:

    For 3 or more classes, tuition is reduced to $65 per class.

    For 6 or more classes, tuition is reduced to $55 per class.

Amy Brunsting


I am a certified teacher with thirty-six years of experience, and I’m also a home school mom. As a home school mom, I've enjoyed having a flexible schedule, and I wanted the best quality education for my kids. The classes I teach offer the benefits of home schooling with the assurance that your children are being taught at a college prep level. My teaching experience includes teaching at a public high school, Texas State University, and Texas A & M. I've been doing private tutoring and home school classes for 24 years. I have a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in education from Texas State and a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Texas A & M. I work hard to stay current with developments in technology and science so that I can provide quality classes for your student.

2020-2021 Dates


New Classes Start: Monday, August 24

Labor Day: Monday, September 7

Fair Day: Friday, September 25

Thanksgiving: November 23 - 27

Christmas: December 21 - January 7


MLK Day: Monday,January 18

Spring Break: March 15 - 19

Good Friday: Friday, April 2

Last Day of Class: Friday, May 21

Graduation: Saturday, May 22

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