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Measuring the Speed of Light

Did you know Galileo tried to measure the speed of light? Could he do it? Can you do it? Check out this link to see how scientists measure the speed of light.

Metric System

Learn the Metric System

Dr. Harriet Ball was a talented teacher who created songs to help her students learn. Watch this video about the metric system and you will be an expert in minutes!

Periodic Table

The Periodic Table

The chemistry guys at the University of Nottingham made a video on every element in the periodic table. Funny guys. Lots of good information. Some videos have explosions!! Great to watch.


Texas Wildlife

If you want to know more about the animals and plants in your backyard, the Texas Parks and Wildlife can give you the answers. They have descriptions of all kinds of Texas wildlife on their site.

The moon

Explore the Moon

Fly a lunar landing module over the surface of the moon to explore its seas, craters and mountains! Click on Apollo "N" to see where each Apollo spacecraft landed.


What's Going on in the World?

Explore interesting places around the world and learn about current events.


Texas Wildflowers

Springtime in Texas is a sea of color. Learn the names of our beautiful wildflowers.

Pecan Tree

Texas Trees

Texas A&M has information about hundreds of native Texas trees.


Texas Insects

Texas has LOTS of bugs! Click here to see what is crawling around.